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Chrysanthemum is a 7-song bouquet of contemplative, intimate guitar soli compositions by Brent Simpson.

You Are the Dusk, I Am the Dawn


"You Are the Dusk, I Am the Dawn" is our latest album. We recorded with Paul Francis of Get Right Recording in Yucca Valley,CA. Brent Simpson wrote the lyrics and the songs and Daytime Moon performed them. The artwork is by Joshua Geduld.

Valleys and Springs


Featuring Brent Simpson, Malachai Rosmimo, and Joseph Gonzales. Recorded at Simpsonic Studios with Zak Kupcha. Artwork by Willy Christensen

I Can Still See You When I Close My Eyes


EP Featuring Brent Simpson, Steven Kong, Brandon Simpson, Drago Kisinger. recorded at Get Right Recording Studios by Paul Francis

New Photographs of a Past Life


Featuring Brent Simpson, Malachai Rosmimo, Joseph Gonzales, recorded at Simpsonic Studios on a riany day.



EP Featuring Brent Simpson, and Nick Burkett. Recorded @ Kickapoo Studios, Yucca Valley,CA by Bob-o

The Reasons You Can't Have Nice Things


Featuring Brent Simpson, Kyle Hanson, Nate Travitzky, and Spencer Keizer. recorded by No Lag! Records with Brandon Simpson at Keizer Sound Studios, Landers, CA

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